Check on the lie detector polygraph

Polygraph the applicant applying for a replacement job, as well as current employees of the organization, which, for example, suspected theft or industrial espionage. Currently slowly but surely the project of the Federal Law "About polygraph application" is being prepared for signing authority and gaining legitimacy. While in the text of the bill says that examiner has the right to provide their services on matters arising from employment relations, as well as to help enforcement authorities and the court. That is to carry out check on the lie detector, say, one of the spouses suspected of infidelity, the specialist can't (apparently, this is considered an invasion of privacy). But surely the legislator will take into account these gaps and contribute to the draft Law "About polygraph application" paragraph and article that will allow polygraph provide services in purely private cases, with the written consent of the interviewee. does Each person may be tested on a polygraph? Of course, no. People with mental health problems; being in a state of great stress; drunk on the eve of the excess; minors... Them to interview the polygraph examiner will not. The decision on the inadmissibility of polygraph survey can take and in case if they consider that the person at the moment (for example, due to fatigue or malaise) is not ready for an objective test. How are check on the lie detector? First, the Respondent gives written consent to this test. Then to his body attached to the polygraph sensors. The examiner asks the person a few test questions to study his reaction, to see how the polygraph curves "show" the "truth" and "lie". Then begins the actual test that consists of questions from the examiner and (often) the client that this test is ordered (e.g., the employer). The polygraph questions are repeated several times to exclude false reactions. Survey on a polygraph should be in a relaxed environment - to be tested should be relaxed. Often the examiner, with the consent of the interrogated person writes a survey on the camcorder, then to have the opportunity to re-examine the human response to a particular issue, to see his facial expressions (and at the same time, to protect themselves from possible complaints from the test "forced survey"). Immediately after finishing the test, the examiner is ready to present to the customer their opinion about the person you just checked. What is the probability of error of the polygraph? That possibility exists, but it is not great. Of course, the polygraph examiner must be a person with higher education (preferably psychological), to be considerate, well-mannered and observant. He must have a certificate on the polygraph. Tests polygraph detective Agency carried out mainly in the investigation of corporate theft is to narrow the circle of suspects. What is the cost services polygraph in a detective Agency Sergey Vasiliev?

  • Cost of a single survey on a polygraph – 100-150 dollars.

In the case of a subscription service legal persons our Agency discounts; the value will be determined on the basis of the likely number of surveys per month.