Verification of staff and job applicants private detectives in Moscow

Private investigation services is relevant mainly for companies that do not have their security. Where it is, screening of applicants and contractors made in-house. Somewhere quite efficiently, and then only formally. Often "essesnce" to search information in legacy databases, making verification almost the lottery. Not to say, of course, that every second, the employed person is a thief or mentally ill, but the bad cases are. How often couriers of Internet-shops do not deliver to customers an expensive product or tucked in with a large revenue in your pocket? There are many examples. But one of them had a conviction, or was a drug addict. And cashiers, or accountant, burdened with overdue mortgage? What is the probability of assigning the assets to which they admitted? In short, it would be wise to inquire about the candidates before introducing them to the staff. But the problem is that private investigation services while checking the candidates hit on the pocketbook of the employer and therefore not too popular. The business owner loses money on the thefts in a year about as much as he was paying private detectives in Moscow for subscription service his company on this issue. In addition, the information obtained from the detective Agency, is not a panacea for theft and embezzlement. Sometimes it is more profitable to hire one or two employees in the security services, to pay them a small salary and charging though mediocre, but still checking job candidates. In extreme cases, can be engaged in the process of the polygraph. He lie detector, for three thousand roubles, learn from check the answers to all the questions that the detectives would have cost several times more expensive. And such an approach looks quite reasonable. The polygraph, or lie detector, of course, does not guarantee. There have been cases when the polygraph was wrong to the ridiculous, while even a basic analysis by private investigator would be enough to prevent very bad consequences. From the foregoing it can be concluded that a comprehensive systematic review of applicants is too expensive for businesses and therefore unpopular. Demand check on specific issues of interest to the employer, namely:

  • - The Relation of the applicant to the crime, his degree of law-abidingness (there will indicate the price for the service) – 50-100 $ for citizens of the Russian Federation, from 150 $ for foreigners working on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • - If the applicant is debts, including in the framework of enforcement proceedings (by the court) – 200-300 $
  • - Receiving characteristics of the applicant at the place of residence or previous jobs – 500 $
  • - Check the authenticity of documents submitted by an applicant in connection find a job – 100-250 $
  • - Check the applicant on the polygraph (lie detector) – 50-100 $
  • - Determining the lifestyle of the applicant – 800-1000 $
  • - Determine the links of the applicant with certain individuals, organizations (institutions) – 1-2,500 $.

Starting to check job applicants, private detectives conclude with the customer a contract for "the Clarification of biographical and other data characterizing personality of individual citizens (with their written consent) at the conclusion of their employment and other contracts", article 3, paragraph 4 of the Law "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation". The detectives also need a copy of the written consent of the applicant for review. In the event the test lie-detector from an applicant requires additional permission, which he gives directly to the examiner. To collect information related to the personal life of the applicant, his political and religious beliefs, according to the law, the private detective is prohibited. Also detective Agency Sergei Vasilyev has services for those already working in the organization employee. Here the detective can:

  • - Out of communications officer with certain individuals, organizations (institutions) – 800-1500 $
  • -Verify employee polygraph (lie detector) – 100 $
  • - Implement tracing of an employee who had stolen material values are - 800-1500 $.

In the case of current staff, the contract may be concluded for the services:

  • - "Clarification of biographical and other data characterizing personality of individual citizens (with their written consent) at the conclusion of their employment and other contracts" (for example, if an employee signs a contract of appointment to a higher position);
  • - "Search for the lost property organizations";
  • - "To establish the circumstances of the disclosure of information constituting a commercial secret";
  • - "Collection of data on civil or criminal matters".

Among other things, agencies recruitment of domestic staff and individuals providing services for the screening of nannies and housekeepers. The price is negotiable.