Investigation on patent and copyright

Quite a momentum offences related to violation of copyright and patent rights. All this naturally follows from the speed of today's business and of its profits, which are often new ideas, innovations. Despite all the attempts of the state to protect the right holder, the latter do not feel secure. According to statistics, the courts considered only 2% of cases and 98% are terminated at the preliminary investigation stage (or not excited), because the process of proving the guilt of an offender in this area is very complex and requires a number of conditions. We all know that it is enough to change one letter in the brand name, and it won't be copyright infringement. To gather quality evidence, you need private detective. The materials collected by the investigator and approved by your lawyer, will then lie on a table to the investigator, and in this case, the investigation will be full, effective and operational. The investigator will initiate a criminal case, will have attached to him the report of a private investigator, which will become the basic document in this matter, and will continue the investigation based on the available evidence, the quality of which made sure your detective and an experienced lawyer. What does it mean to collect evidence on the case of violation of intellectual rights? This means, to identify the place of production, the channels of delivery of counterfeit products, storage sites. Of course, install and any other circumstances that in each individual case, but necessary to the common Treasury of evidence. Unfortunately, the law prohibits a private detective to carry out test purchases of counterfeit goods is the prerogative of the authorities conducting operational search activities. But control (verification) procurement is already the last stage; it is important first to identify the whole chain of the movement of counterfeit products from production to sales. Detective Agency Sergey Vasiliev may also provide services to verify actual usage in Russia or that of the trademark of its copyright holder. After all, if the right holder does not use his creation more than three years, these rights can be cancelled. Such services are usually required foreign companies at home already have a recognizable brand, but entering the Russian market are confronted with the fact that some small company three years ago cemented their name and uses it in the sale of toilet paper. But if actually uses, it is a chance to challenge property rights.

Refer to the detective Agency Sergei Vasiliev. This is your way to solve problems in Russia.

  • The cost of one investigation in the field of intellectual property – 1-4.000 dollars.