Collection of information on criminal and civil cases

Private detective is often as important for the suspect or the accused criminal case than the help of a lawyer. Especially if the person is not guilty, and set him up or made a scapegoat. This accident goes to law offices, and defender of the interests of his client enlists the aid of a private investigator to search for witnesses or the gathering of the information of interest. Though the investigator and shall conduct a full and thorough investigation, unfortunately, that not always it is obtained. Investigative bodies and investigative bodies heavily loaded, and therefore sometimes cannot devote enough time to one specific criminal case: such cases they have dozens, and the time is running out forever. The help of private detective are possible at any stage of the criminal process, although it is effective, perhaps only at the preliminary investigation stage, when something can change. Detective Agency can assist not only the attorney or defendant but also the victim - in that case, if the investigative bodies, in his opinion, did not ensure the completeness of the investigation. Produced can be any that do not violate the law, the information that subsequently the investigator (the interrogating officer, the judge) must be added to the criminal case. With regard to civil proceedings, the victory in court is 95% is determined by how you prepare for it, so on this victory to work in advance, and make this all possible. However, to collect evidence of his innocence is not always easy, this may require a lot of effort and time to save that will help a private investigator.

There are a number of features of justice, common to many countries. First, the court gives preference to the paperwork – the more you have on hand paper proving your case, the better. To ensure that the process from beginning to end was leaning in your favor it is necessary to collect and prepare as many documents as possible, confirming the correctness. Sometimes the receipt of securities in Russia may take more than one week and demand a colossal waste of time. Secondly, an important role in the judicial process are witnesses, and well, if you have them. But usually, their search is very time – consuming activity; to establish the presence of a person at the right time in the right place, and to negotiate cooperation, can also be challenging if you are not working detective Agency having a similar experience. Of course, we are talking about actual witnesses to the event who are just afraid or don't want to go to court, not perjury. In addition to gather information on civil cases, witness interviews, asset searches and conduct of examinations private investigator will also verify the evidence base of your opponent. In this case, all the evidence a licensed private investigator are legally binding, which is important.

  • the Cost of gathering information in civil and criminal cases is in the range of 1-4.000 dollars, because it is clear that things are quite different complexity.