Of course, the main normative-legal act that governs private investigator in his work, is the Law "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation". It is possible to read about the kinds of services that are permitted to provide private investigator (list is exhaustive) and the actions acceptable and unacceptable in the course of providing these services. For example, did you know that private detective is forbidden to collect information about the personal life of man and not, say, introduce a law enforcement officer (that means he can introduce himself as an employee of ECD, etc.). In this law governing the activities of Pinkerton in Russia, changes are periodically added to – mainly useful for detective work, but to perfect the design of him so far far away. For example, is still forbidden to form an Association of private investigators (actually, detective Agency itself): a license to perform private investigation issued only to individual entrepreneurs, and therefore any detective Agency a legally - it's just PIS. Before you contact the detective, the customer would do well to familiarize yourself with the basic articles of this law, so as not to get then trapped. It was that "detective" (who had, naturally, a license) get to the customer (we will give this as an example) the phone records of one of the participants of criminal proceedings, which the client subsequently brought the investigator into believing that this printout is due to "sleuth" him legally. The investigator, apparently, could only be a seizure of this "evidence" and then to Institute a new criminal case under article "violation of the secrecy of telephone conversations...". But a good private investigator should not be limited to mere knowledge of the relevant law. It needs to be guided in civil and administrative law, copyright law, understand the criminal process and even be ready at any time to the study of the laws of a foreign country, because often the customer orders associated with the work outside of Russia. But to provide detective services outside the Russian Federation the detective is illegal because the scope of the license – the territory of the Russian Federation. So abroad according to the law is possible only through foreign colleagues. Enter into an agreement with the client, and then sign a contract with a detective Agency of a foreign state, which carries out direct work on this order. The legislation governing the private investigator, can be attributed several decrees of the RF Government. For example, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from January 26, 2012 No. 10, which opened the Pinkerton the ability to officially interact with the police. To be a good private investigator need to be a good lawyer. The detective who is not legally competent, risking his entire professional life to do only small household chores, and the client, nor read the law, runs the risk of compromising yourself in a court case, and then instead of helping the detective will be doing him a disservice. Private investigation services - it is responsible.