Search for missing persons, criminals, debtors

In the modern world a huge number of ways of communication between people. However, private detective Agency to search for people not getting any less popular. It would seem like you can get lost in our time, when there are so many social networks, mail services and mobile applications for communication? But people are still looking for their former classmates, classmates, colleagues. Not all registered "Vkontakte" or "Odnoklassniki". Someone changes a mobile phone, a large number of old friends, falls in misfortune in the prison, dying. The relationship with the person lost and a friend or former lover is missing in this hurry private detective Agency to try to track down the acquaintance. And the detective is taken for wanted man. With the customer is a contract for "Tracing missing persons" or "Gathering information in civil cases" (if, for example, wanted the defendant to court). Process search for people is often not simple. It is understandable: if the client has exhausted all possibilities to find an old friend or a new offender, only then he will enter the office of a detective. Therefore, the case for finding people mostly not simple. Although there are successful cases where the detective, not leaving the office, like Sherlock Holmes, finds our "lost" or unscrupulous debtor. Often this detective helps the Internet or any other old database, which it purchased in advance on "the top crust". The client cannot find a business partner who took all the cash from the office safe, while the business partner is vacationing in the Seychelles, laying in Instagram photo happy in the arms of the young blonde. The detective stumbles on it and shows a surprised customer. This, of course, the most primitive cases. Now so far from the Internet no more people (even pensioners and those able to master Skype and YouTube). What is the percentage of successful searches in the practice of a detective? In private detective Agency of Sergey Vasiliev success is guaranteed to the customer. If the detective is taken for search for people, he is responsible for the result. If the investigator will not be sure to find the person in a particular case is possible, he will not take such an order. Is objectively insufficient data for a successful search (for example, the connection is lost during the Soviet time and is now difficult to pick up data for that period; or, say, a customer wants to find a relative missing in action during WWII). Only in cases of wanted criminals detective can get to work, not guaranteeing the result, so as to look for a person who very carefully hides, many times more difficult. When it comes to the criminal, the detective and informs about his participation in the law enforcement investigation – the investigator or the court.

  • Cost of services of a private detective Agency in search of people ranged from 300 dollars to 5-6.000 dollars, depending on the complexity of the situation. Average price – 1-2.000 dollars.