Identification of adultery in Moscow by a private detective

Whether you identify adultery yourself, without the help of a private detective? Of course, it's possible. It is enough to read the online correspondence of a spouse in a mobile phone. We say "online correspondence", as the traditional SMS messages a thing of the past: now a lot of people communicate through mobile apps Viber and WhatsApp, saving your own money and nerves jealous spouses, which may to order SMS correspondence with the husband of some Internet scams that offer similar services. Viber and WhatsApp are virtually hack-proof, at least so far, in 2015-m to year. So, pressing a few buttons on the phone, infidelity detection has taken place! Unless, of course, an enterprising husband did not care about setting password on your cell phone. And in General, if the spouse is really a very enterprising, he can and does use a different SIM card to communicate with his lover. But if this lover is his colleague (office romance), lovebirds can do without telephone communication, the benefit they see each other every day and have come up with their "passwords" and "appearance". In this situation private detective services in Moscow you will not hurt. As such services are "the identification of infidelity" in the Law "on Private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation" is not, so the contract with the client private detective concludes to a "tracing missing persons". After all, if Your wife all night somewhere lost and not answering the phone, isn't is she missing? As for the actual observation, the act is action to achieve the goals of private investigation allowed. If between husband and wife is a marriage contract, the husband can attach this document its right to inspect land for storage of allegiance to him, and then the detective Agency will enter into with such customer service agreement "clarification of data characterizing personality...". What is the percentage of confirmation adultery in practice private detective? Probably it's 60% to 40% in favor of not confirm. Who is cheating more – men or women? Of course, men are nature. Some of the customers turn to the detective Agency for the so-called "printouts" of phone calls spouse, properly speaking, in the "details". Just wanted to say that detective Agency of Sergey Vasiliev such orders does not accept, because it is illegal. However, the information that the client would like to find out through the drill, you can get other legal means – and in this private detective services in Moscow You will be useful again. Speaking about the prices for the services of infidelity detection, you need to take the unit one working day. Our Agency does not work on the hourly system, and that many customers profitable. At the time, as one hour of a private investigator is an average of 50 $, we have a full day's work will cost the client only 300 $.

  • So, cost of one day of work – 300 dollars.