Gathering information about a person

Collection of information about a person has moved from the category of additional measures in almost necessary. The world is changing and its changing dynamics. Often the human way of life is hidden from your eyes, and learn something about it only using special search techniques. This is the task of a private detective - with the help of their knowledge and experience to find all possible information. If you trust a person to handle your child or to run a business, you want to be sure in it? And if your new friend - a charismatic fraudster? If your contractor is just someone's attempt to learn the details of the project? If meeting you is not a coincidence, but a clear plan carried out? To protect yourself and your loved ones will help collection of information about a person - about his present and past life, his reputation. To compile dossier on an individual are used as public sources of information, and closed, to which a private investigator gets access by request (good license gives him certain opportunities). You will be able to learn, study whether your daughter, who went to Moscow, in Institute or actually has mastered the oldest profession and wants to bring you into their way of life. Maybe the man who promises marry you after a month, not really a bachelor, and has a wife and three children? Maybe your bride has concealed some unsightly facts from his biography? Or the son owed the Bank a large sum, and you says the opposite? In short, information at some point there may be a need. In this case, the search information is very sensitive. If you suspect a data collection about the past of the subject, it can strike at your reputation. In this case, the services of a private investigator are just irreplaceable. If you possess the information you reduce risks both in business and in personal relationships. And there is nothing better than being confident in the person who shares with you the path of life.

Before you engage with the customer in a contractual relationship, a private investigator must ensure that provision of services is possible on legal grounds, that the client does not have nefarious intent and are not going to use received from the investigator the information for criminal purposes. Once the investigator is satisfied of the adequacy of his client, and the legitimacy of his future work, he enters into the contract with the client and takes an advance payment in the amount of 40-100% of the total services. Based on the circumstances of the case, the contract is for the service "Collection of biographical and other data..." or "market research, collecting information for business negotiations" or "the Collection of data on civil cases".

  • Price for one dossier of people - 800-1000 dollars. The work duration is 3-7 days.