Tracing missing debtors

Each legal entity or individual entrepreneur in Russia at least once had to deal with unscrupulous contractors. First, the company regularly paid, then all of a sudden became a debtor, and soon and has at all sunk into oblivion. Gone General Director and chief accountant only vaguely helpless gesture. Often in such cases, the lenders need to search assets of these "bankrupt", in search themselves debtors in the face of generator or founders. Of course, the legality of such searches required a writ or at least accepted by the judge the lawsuit. Now, in 2015, in times of economic turmoil, missing debtors becomes even more. If any assets of a former business partner is found, you can invite the bailiff that describe this property. Unfortunately, most bailiffs are very slow in the search of the debtor's property, since the throat, and your writ of execution they is the twentieth. Of course, until the government gets to your debtor, it will sell or make relatives. Not delay, the matter requires haste! A private detective works quickly and is familiar with the search algorithm of the assets. During his career, the private investigators found expensive excavators, printing machines, warehouses of spare parts, which was later successfully removed in favor of the lender. A separate direction in work of detective agencies is the wanted collateral, mostly, of course, vehicles issued by banks in loans to individuals. Such a lot of orders, especially if the Bank in the state of his security or it focuses on other work. In the process of locating a private investigator can interact with the bailiffs, without which the withdrawal of mortgage cars still impossible. There are "professional debtors", who take a car loan, essentially not wanting to pay for it, and drive a car until then, until you find out and not "take away", and since it's not such a simple procedure are usually years, and now you can safely "change" an iron horse and to get a loan in another Bank. Each case of tracing debtors or their property is special. Private detective work difficult, but also exciting because you won't have the same orders. So, detective Agency Sergey Vasilyev offers companies services for, asset search and banks are ready to provide assistance in search and seizures collateral.

Your job may be different from those described above, and that's OK, because exactly the same thing. You can round the clock to seek advice on your issue. The ideal solution you will be experienced employees who are available full range of professional services.

Refer to the detective Agency Sergei Vasiliev. This is your way to solve problems in Russia.

  • Cost - 1-3.000 dollars.