Corporate investigations

Corporate inquiry - this is a very meaningful concept, if we talk about the tasks for the investigator and the scope of work. The reason for such an investigation could be the theft of any assets, from cash to intellectual property; the disclosure of trade secrets by one of the employees of the company or his involvement in corruption schemes or in commercial bribery. Sometimes the basis for the investigation can be even alleged love Affairs between employees (harmful to the interests of the company), and the task of the investigator is to confirm or refute this. When it comes to the company with many shareholders, they often try any means to influence each other, not always staying within the law. While their activities may look harmless and appropriate instructions. The main risks in any business from the point of view of safety can be determined private detective and will produce recommendations to prevent potential threats. Such work is traditionally engaged in the security service of the company, but well, if she's competent enough, and does not consist of former employees of the headquarters office of the Ministry of internal Affairs, devoid of practical skills. If a corporate investigation revealed that the security the company has many vulnerabilities, the private detective who has identified these problems and will help to eliminate them. Conducting corporate investigations, private detective interrogates all the employees of the company (including the CEO, to persuade others of the objectivity of the process) uses a lie detector, holds different expertise, and develops an ingenious combination that helps to expose the perpetrators. If a person is missing important information or material values, the task for a private detective becomes almost routine – people search. In corporate cases, as a rule, there are known regularities in the behavior of the "disappeared", making their search easier. Is it possible with the staff to move to the side of the rival? Nobody is immune to it. What you lose in that case in addition to valuable frame? A significant portion of the customer base, which (in addition to the value for competitors) will allow this staff member familiar with the model of your business, open your own template (the good customers they already have and, of course, he will offer them a better price). Even if the process of "poaching" employees have already started, you can read about it and influence the outcome. A total of corporate investigations can be divided into external (involving the check of partners and competitors, tracking the legitimacy of the transaction and the control of its execution, search of the debtor and the collection of evidence of theft of the asset) and internal, much more sensitive (detection of secret motives, employee loyalty and integrity, as well as the search for the missing frames). And the other group of tasks is solved as a private detective using all available methods and tools, as well as with experts (psychologists, polygraph experts), often is much more effective than devoid of a creative approach investigation of public bodies, which could be an alternative.

  • Price corporate investigations in a small company - 1-2.000 dollars. Cost for a large firm - 3-4.000 dollars.

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