Check the business partners

"the Counterparty the counterparty is a friend, comrade or production, as lucky." (C) Lebedev S. A.

Cheaters were are and will be at all times. People create companies, buy positive reviews about their "activities", create visibility of production capacity, enter into major contracts and evaporate. To take back time on them already it is impossible, as the money spent. It would seem that the fake company was registered in the tax, there were even some accounting of its business operations in recent years. Such information is never a criterion of trustworthiness, because you have no information about the real situation of this company. There were cases, when speculators bought cheap ready-made business with an excellent reputation and large circulation, which actually, was in the verge of bankruptcy: the purpose of this purchase is to collect the maximum of the orders, cash received funds in and out of Russia to Israel or the USA. In Moscow remains the only "General Director" - the invalid of the second group, living alone in "hruschevke". Everyone chooses his own way of doing business, including illegal, and for decades it was invented by such a number of types of fraud schemes that they can make to review the book. If you know 10 ways, the con artist knows hundreds of them, that's the principle. Constantly faced with complaints about the screening of business partners, a private detective has the knowledge that will allow you to find and compare the facts when checking. What can be learned at check company private detective:

1. True position of the company (such as address and address production and storage areas).

2. Information on the current financial status of the company, the existence of large debts, court cases in the role of defendant.

3. Information about contractors of the company, its suppliers and real about the quality of the products it sold.

4.Data on real business owners and other affiliated entities.

5.Other information, the receipt of which does not violate the law.

Information about the partner is important for many reasons, because having the full picture, you will be able to make a decision on the conclusion of the contract or refusal, assess their risks, to ensure the reliability of the partner and the fulfillment of his obligations. On the other hand, unverified company – is the eternal risk - the risk the security and the financial condition, the risk of a supply disruption, the risk of fines and audits from state regulatory authorities. To avoid them, take care of the safety of their business in advance. Before signing your first deal with a contractor it can be carried out on behalf of another company, then you for example rate the activities and way of conducting business in a potential partner. Held private detective Agency the event will allow to get the maximum company information, gain confidence and protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances, one step ahead of a likely fraud.

  • Price check company in a detective Agency Sergey Vasilyev 500 dollars.