Insurance investigation

In the course of settlement of losses in insurance business one of the most important processes is the process investigations events which led to insurance case. It is no secret that any insurer (as, indeed, the entrepreneur in General) tends to reduce costs. The less the company will pay the affected customer the better for it (cynical, but this business law). However, we will not so much to demonize the insurers, because they sometimes also have not sweet: the crooks who wish to receive "legal" payments "coming" of the "insured event", not asleep. It's one thing when we are talking about small damage on the car, which became "the insured event" due to the familiar Gai officer... Another thing, when the insurance "popadaet" for huge amounts of money on cases related to insurance or real estate business. The more money at stake, the more likely the deception. And in such cases the insurance company cannot do without a serious investigation of all circumstances of the case. Usually for claims settlement the client should: a) analyse the performance of all terms of the contract and rules of insurance; b) confirm the reality of past events, to exclude a hoax or forgery; C) to evaluate the amount of loss. Each of these stages is characterized by its approaches and the necessary skills of validation. If the first stage is entirely under the control of stahovica and within his professional competence, and the third stage is the prerogative of experts and expert committees, the second phase may prove to be an indispensable assistance of the private detective. Because the second stage takes quite a long time, and from how quickly and to what extent it will be compensated to the insurer damage often depends on the reputation of the insurer. In the second stage, one of the most important tasks is finding the true causes of this event and circumstances causing particular damage. In addition to the hypotheses, it is necessary to collect documents and opinions, and to receive the testimony of witnesses or participants in the case, and then carry out a comprehensive analysis of the materials. To ensure customer confidence and to settle an insurance case in the pretrial order, the results of the investigation should be as objective as possible and based on the data collected by an impartial professional who is knowledgeable in psychology, the search for documents and facts. Under the description of a professional ideal private detective. He has special expertise to successfully bring him to investigation of the insurance event to assist in the collection of information.

  • The cost of one insurance investigation 1,5.000 dollars. Customer support of the insurance company detective Agency discounts.