Services detective Agency Moscow

Detective Agency of Sergey Vasilyev was created in Moscow in 2009. His staff was composed of former law enforcement officers. Like any self-respecting Agency team Vasilyeva refused to provide illegal services, often in demand in the market, a detective and focused on the work with legal entities. Although it continued to haunt the minds of the global financial crisis, in Moscow there are many firms who have decided not to skimp on security matters. In parallel, the Agency Sergei Vasilyev stepped up work with individuals, who then was still the main customers. Today, detectives from the experience of successful cooperation with banks, insurance companies, medium and even large business. with the services of a detective Agency Sergey Vasiliev is regularly used by private individuals, searching for missing or requiring collection of information in civil cases. If the customer wishes to obtain qualitative and operational assistance, you may contact the team of experts! Unfortunately, because of the Law "On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation", as well as confidentiality agreements signed with the customers, Sergey Vasiliev and his detective Agency in Moscow denied the opportunity to publish information about your past and current customers, and such a publication specifying the names of the organizations would have been a detective for the very best. And this is not the only feature of the market detective services.

Detective agencies of Moscow: price

The market of detective services in Moscow, like any other type of market is highly saturated. By various estimates, private detective agencies in Moscow from 60 to 120. Difficult working conditions in the police often compel the police to go on firing, and then some of them decide to start your own business – to open a detective Agency. But not all will succeed. On the one hand, strong competition, lack of experience, both in business generally and in the provision of detective services in particular. After all, the work of the private detective often is much broader and at the same time thinner than the activities of the precinct or even operatives. Because of this, it turns out that some newly minted detective firm his not quite professional work of detective spoil the reputation of the market as a whole. But that's growing pains, it must be overcome. Market of private investigation in Moscow may surprise a strong range of prices for the services offered. Indeed, for the same service can assign ten thousand, and can and fifty. The customer must seek a middle ground so as not to run into scams or not to pay the blue. Cost of services detective Agency Sergey Vasiliev is the next section of our website...