- Private detective Agency.

Why should you contact with us?

  • High quality of rendered services, professionalism, individual approach to each client.

  • Efficiency, communication with colleagues in all the major cities of Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

  • The availability of licenses from all the detectives of the Agency, providing only legal services, contracts with clients, drafting written reports for government agencies.

  • The ability to pay both cash and by Bank transfer from anywhere in the world.


Expected more. The Agency bills itself as a "super-professionals of investigation", but in reality I was faced with a mediocre job. Although, in fairness, I must say that my order was certainly not easy. The detective then assured me that "there was a blockage, a lot of orders, and this was reflected on the quality of work". But work honestly, do not cheat - it is a fact. Services are expensive - this is also a minus.

Julia, who living in Moscow.

Excellent job with the tasks that require creativity! Pleasant, well-mannered detectives!

Andrey, the businessman from Moscow.

Dear Sergey Vasiliev! Thank you huge for your help! You saved me my money and helped to expose the fraud.

Maurizio Bianchi, the Italian.